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Client Interview - Agua Santa S.A.

Patricio Camacho Ives, CEO of Agua Santa S.A.

"Faster and more economical solutions are now increasingly required, and Reinforced Earth® is a competitive, proven solution"

Terre Armée: When and how did you first hear about the company Tierra Armada?

In 1998, when the urban motorways were built using this technology, I became aware of the International Terre Armée group, which was represented by a local company: Tierra Armada.

For how long have you been working with Tierra Armada?

P.C.I.:I have known the technology for 18 years (since 1998), but my first job with the company Tierra Armada was in 2010: the Las Tórtolas 1 project.

Las Tórtolas 1 project

T.A.: In what markets have you worked with us?
Mining and road infrastructure.

T.A.: Can the techniques developed by the Tierra Armada Group be applied to the activities of your business, such as oil and gas ponds, mining, infrastructures, risk mitigation, etc.?

P.C.I: Absolutely. Over the years of working together, I have discovered the versatility of Reinforced Earth® products, as well as the various types of solutions available. Faster and more economical solutions are now increasingly required, and Reinforced Earth® is a competitive, proven solution, since all the projects we have built together have proven their excellent resistance against the earthquakes that have struck the country in recent years. This has increased our trust in Tierra Armada's solutions.

T.A.: Would you recommend that your peers contact us and incorporate our solutions in other market segments?

P.C.I: Of course, and I already have. This is why we are currently recommending Tierra Armada for a new road infrastructure project.

T.A.: In what types of projects have you required Tierra Armada solutions? Why?

P.C.I: In mining we have developed two innovation projects, as a variant of an original project.

In the first of them, we replaced a viaduct with a Reinforced Earth® wall, generating major savings in construction and maintenance for our client.

In the second case, Tierra Armada offered a solution for a new stage of a tailing dam, which allowed the client to postpone a major investment of several million dollars.

With Tierra Armada and Freyssinet we are developing an iconic road infrastructure project in Santiago, which consists of two bridges over the Maipo river. This will provide the main access to the capital city from the south.

T.A.:Do you have any special memories that you would like to share with us?

P.C.I: The first time we worked together we innovated in guardrail solutions for building the wall. Today, 16 years later, these same guardrails are still being used.

The innovation we achieved in the Las Tórtolas 2 project, in addition to waterproofing the wall.

Las Tórtolas 2 project

In the Maipo Bridge project, Tierra Armada suggested a way to optimise costs compared to what had been defined in the prior stages of the project. This set them apart from other companies.

The Maipo Bridge project

T.A.: What were the special characteristics of the project? What was the main challenge faced?

P.C.I: There were two special characteristics:

1. Bridge built using concrete cast on-site, with the longest span in Chile, so the Freyssinet post-tensioning was the largest of this type (strand of 32 cables).

2. Due to this definition, the bridge has a continuous structure with only two expansion joints, something that is quite unusual in Chile. Oscar Unuanue, the bridge expert for the project, suggested including a flexible structure that connects with the solid part of the bridge (450 metres). For this reason, TEM wall technology was used, which works much better for the expansion that this bridge requires.

T.A.: Why did you decide to work with us on this project? What made you decide to contact us and placed your trust our teams?

P.C.I: The first thing that made us decide to get in touch with Tierra Armada was our experience in the first two projects. Trust is our priority.

T.A.: Did our teams perform well? Are you satisfied with the solution provided? Why?

P.C.I: Yes, I am happy with the performance. The material arrived prior to the installation, and a permanent Engineering office was set up to provide support throughout all the necessary adjustments of the project.

T.A.: As our client, how do you measure the success of the solution provided by our teams in this specific project?

P.C.I: In accordance with the schedule, forecast prices and the savings obtained in the project.

T.A.:Can you list three competitive advantages of the company Tierra Armada?


- Flexible solutions

- Constant innovation

- Customer relations

T.A.:What values do you think Agua Santa and Tierra Armada have in common?


They both focus on solving the client's problems and becoming a "partner" of the client.

The search for innovation. Safety in their projects.

T.A.:In your opinion, what is the explanation behind our good relationship?

P.C.I: Our technical-commercial relationship is trust-based.